Thanks for Visiting

I'm honoured to be a resource and guide for you on your journey from diagnosis to a thriving life. When I was first diagnosed I looked for help, but all I got was a list of symptoms and medications. I was grateful, but deflated because I knew I am more than a medical term. It has taken a ridiculous amount of effort, time, money and tears of frustration to create the life I knew I could have. You are not alone in believing you can fight this and have a wonderful life. Let me share a bit more about myself so you can see what to expect from me. 


My Story


Let’s rewind to Summer of 2009.

It was a routine day at home with my newborn. I was settling into being a new Mom.

That day, I started  to experience odd pains in my joints. Sounds normal, right? I attributed the pains to “postpartum stuff” or jumping back into teaching Spinning classes too quickly, but over the coming weeks it evolved into many other symptoms.

This rapid evolution landed me in the isolation unit at the hospital.  After a few routine tests, doctors determined I had Wegener's disease. In the next breath, the doctor would go on to say that I needed to be treated with caution, since a blood test revealed that I was pregnant with my second son. 

There I was at 33 years old: a new Mom, a recent graduate of Teachers College, and given two massive new realities: a diagnosis and the news of another child on the way. 

The weeks that followed in hospital were full of daily blood tests, constant beeps and buzzes, doctors rounds,  a blood transfusion, and procedures I would soon rather forget. Those weeks seemed interminable. 

I started to fear that  it was what my life would be - one big medical intervention. When I was released from the hospital I was so weak I couldn't hold my five month old son. I was devastated.

That became my first goal, hold my baby again. Then I moved on to other seemingly simple things like cooking for myself and my family, and walking around my home without needing breaks.

Day by day, week by week, I got stronger. I kept ticking things off my list and looking for the next benchmark. 

Over the last 9 years new symptoms have presented themselves, each creating a new reality for me to figure out and work through while raising a young family and starting my teaching career. I have learned how to weave appointments and medical routines into my day so they don't take away for my quality of life.

Through all of this, I’ve learned something extremely important: my greatest asset is my mind.

By keeping my focus on healing, I’ve steered myself from depression, anxiety, and isolation towards a life I am proud of  full of adventure, activity and people I love.  


My Life

Most days you can find me:

  • Drinking coffee
  • Cycling with my sons
  • Trying to do a few push ups
  • Planning our next family camping trip
  • Texting my friends funny stories
  • Looking for a few extra moments with my husband
  • Picking up toys
  • Staring at nature wondering how it's so perfect

Things I'm Most Proud of:

  • Giving birth to my sons
  • Strengthening my marriage
  • Choosing to have faith without rules
  • Teaching from the heart
  • Completing an Ironman
  • Cycling across Cuba twice
  • Facing diagnosis and disease with courage